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January 30, 2018

Tent City Newspapers

Coronado’s library is the envy of other cities.  So much to look at, check out, and research. highlights another great resource at our own Coronado Public Library!

The library receives many gifts from residents.  One of the acquisitions in recent years is a collection of Tent City Newspapers, acquired by Coronado Realtor,  Debbie Riddle, who purchased them on eBay.  Tent City sat on the Silver Strand just south of the Hotel del Coronado, operating for 40 years.   These newspapers are fascinating look at life on Coronado in the early 1900s in a small city within the city.

Affordable to growing numbers of travelers, Tent City was the original glamour camping.  Heavy tents with with board floors, electricity and furniture, and a fresh bouquet of flowers daily from the Hotel del gardens welcomed travelers.  Next to our beautiful beach, campers attended daily concerts, theatrical performances, danced in the Pavilion, gambled on the floating casino, swam at the beach, and sailed in the bay.   Families came back to Tent City year after year.  Priceless memories were made!

Enjoy a walk down memory lane:  Tent City Newspapers

To explore all the great resources in our library go to: Coronado Public Library.

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