Coronado History-January 31, 1939

January 31, 2017

Coronado History – January 31, 1939

The U.S. Army vacated North Island, leaving the U.S. Navy as the permanent tenants.  For 26 years, the U.S. Army operated on the western half of North Island, known as Rockwell Field.  In contrast, the Navy operated on the  eastern half of North Island which was U.S. Naval Air Station.  The U.S. Army vacated Rockwell Field for good on January 31, 1939 after years of wrangling with the U.S. Navy for control.  Ultimately, the decision was made by President Franklin D. Roosevelt who issued the executive order to hand over all of North Island to the Navy.   

Coronado History - January 31, 1939

Rockwell Field and NI in 1918 – University of San Diego archives


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