Coronado Farmers Market


Tuesday afternoons from 2:30pm until 6:00pm.
Ferry Landing in the parking lot next to Il Fornaio

Fresh produce, locally-grown, right off the farmers’ trucks. 

Coronado Farmers Market

Coronado Farmers Market is one of the longest running farmers’ markets in San Diego County. Farmers come from all over San Diego County to sell their fresh produce at the Coronado market.

San Diego County has  over 6,600 farms, more than any other county in the United States! San Diego County also has the largest community of organic growers in the state and the nation – over 374 farms growing more than 175 organic crops. Farmers Markets are certified by the County Agricultural Commissioner, ensuring that the produce is being sold by the grower, is grown in California and meets all California quality standards. These criteria ensure that you receive the freshest produce for the right price.  Farmers are supported by the Farm Bureau of San Diego County.

Support our local farmers!

Reference the HARVEST CALENDAR to know what’s in season.

 beans and squash squash fresh produce
plums peppers potatoes
kale eggplant swiss chard

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