Parks in Coronado

Coronado Parks

Coronado is fortunate to have so many parks spread around town for public use. Many have historic significance, others were an opportunity to keep some open spaces around town. Our City of Coronado grounds maintenance crew does a fantastic job of keeping our parks looking great year round. Next time you see them working offer them thanks for a job well done. They are an asset to Coronado!  If you are planning an event in a Coronado Park, you may need a permit: City of Coronado Event Permit.

1. Bayview Park413 First Street – On San Diego 1st Street & I Avenue A beautiful bayfront setting with nice landscaping and trees for shade. This small park is a peaceful spot to view the San Diego skyline and watch activity on San Diego Bay.

2. *SDGE/Harborview Park1st Street at E Avenue – on San Diego Bay.  A small, quiet grassy park tucked in between houses along the bay on First Street.

3. Centennial ParkOn San Diego Bay at 1st Street and Orange Avenue. This large, beautiful park marks the end of Orange Avenue with a spectacular view of downtown San Diego, just across the bay and worlds away. Historically, this park marks the spot where cars loaded and unloaded from the ferries that were a way of life in Coronado before the Coronado-San Diego Bridge opened in 1969. As a tribute to that history, an old toll booth from the ferry days sits at the edge of the park at the foot of Orange Avenue.

4. *Tidelands ParkGlorietta Blvd at 3rd Street – On the bay by the Coronado Bridge. A spectacular view of the Coronado-San Diego Bridge arching across the bay and sailboats bobbing in the anchorage are highlights of this large park. Complete with playing fields, a playground, skatepark, picnic tables and restrooms and lots of parking. A bike path winds along the water’s edge at the perimeter of the park. A popular picnicking site along the waterfront with a sandy beach.

5. Spreckels Park601 Orange Avenue – Between Orange Ave and C Ave, 6th & 7th Street
Spreckels Park covers an entire block in the middle of our beautiful city, across the street from the public library. The playground on the 7th Street side of the park is a popular meeting place for parents and their children, school kids have recess and PE here during the week, birthday parties and family picnics are a regular occurrence on weekends, and the popular Summer Concerts are played in the bandstand from May-September. Art-In-The-Park can be found on the first and third Sunday year round. Over 100 different kinds of trees grow in Spreckels Park which you can learn about in the Coronado Trees Tour. See Coronado Tours

6. Sunset Park101 Ocean Blvd – at the north end of Ocean Blvd bordering the west gate of Naval Base Coronado North Island.
This popular park has a small playground at the north end. This big grassy park is lined by big houses on one side and the beach on the other, with a great view of Navy planes flying in to land at North Island. And you can always watch the sun set from here, too!

7. Rotary Park1050 Orange Avenue – Orange Ave between Isabella Ave and Park Place. Rotary park isn’t really much of a park, but a centrally located landmark with a big clock and the giant historic pine tree that is strung with lights during the holidays, making it Coronado’s “official” Christmas tree, lit up by Santa at the end of the holiday parade, traditionally the 1st Friday evening in December. Watch Santa light the tree and hear the Coronado Community Band play!

8. Star Park1030 Park Place – A Block from the Hotel Del Coronado, between Orange Avenue and the Beach. Designed in 1886, this park was part of the original City of Coronado plan. Although the park is round, plants were originally landscaped in the shape of a star, with the surrounding streets radiating off the points. In the park are two military cannons, a gift from General Joseph Pendleton, USMC. A memorial rock, taken from the Ocean Boulevard seawall commemorates Coronado’s veterans. A flag pole, dedicated by the Rotary Club of Coronado in 2003, stands in memory of all who have served our country. Star Park is the site of the annual Memorial Day ceremony.

9. Mathewson Park700 Pomona Avenue – Pomona and Adella Ave at the bottom of 7th St. This park’s namesake is named for former city clerk, A.A. Mathewson. Also known as Pomona Park, this triangle shaped park has a small playground at one end and a large open grassy area that is often the site of sports practice for kids.

10. Cronan Parkat the intersection of Pomona Ave and 6th Street – This little park is named after William Sanger Cronan 2nd, whose heroic rescue efforts during the disaster of the USS Bennington explosion in San Diego Bay in July 21, 1905 earned him a Medal of Honor.

11. Bay Circle Park – At the end of Guadalupe Avenue and Margarita Blvd, this little circle of land with a beautiful pine tree in the middle is a quiet park with little traffic to contend with.

12. Glorietta Bay ParkAt the south end of Strand Way, bordering the north side of Naval Base Coronado–Naval Amphibious Base.  A beautiful bay front location with a spectacular view of the bridge. Watch a boat come into Glorietta Bay!

13. Vetter Park 1625 Cajon Place – a small neighborhood park between three streets, Guadalupe, Jacinto and Cajon Place, a block from the Golf Course. The park was named after long time resident, dentist and former mayor, Dr. Paul Vetter.

14. Palm Park511 Third Street – between 3rd Street, I Avenue & Palm Avenue. This park is a shady spot with a little playground. Sitting right in the middle of this triangle is a spectacular Torrey Pine tree with an incredible canopy.

15. Triangle Park431 Palm Ave – this small park is border by Palm Avenue, F Avenue and 4th Street, with a bus stop on the 4th Street side.

16. Bandel Parkbetween Alameda Blvd, J Avenue & 10th Street – Named after a longtime City of Coronado maintenance employee, Louis C. Bandel. Hundreds of people drive by it every day. Triangular in shape with a big palm tree in the middle, this park is a nice respite on a busy neighborhood street.

17. Vista del BarcoYnez Avenue overlooking Coronado Yacht Club – Overlooking Glorietta Bay, this park honors a young Coronado man killed during Navy pilot training.

18. Coronado Cays Park100 Coronado Cays Blvd – At Coronado Cays by the tennis courts and fire station, this large park hosts many youth sports and a section of the park is reserved for dogs.

*Not owned by the City of Coronado

All organized use of Coronado’s city park facilities, use specific to a particular time or location on a park or beach, use by a group of more than 25 people, or use including a “Jump House” or other activity center requires a use permit. Groups of larger than 100 persons require special consideration for locations other than the beach venues. Not all parks are for use as group events. Click here for park availability and amenities.