Today in Coronado History – Happy Birthday to L. Frank Baum

May 15, 2018

Happy Birthday to L. Frank Baum!  Today in Coronado History: Writer L. Frank Baum is born on May 15, 1856.   L. Frank Baum is beloved in Coronado for his famous OZ books, inspired by the Hotel del Coronado and time he spent on Coronado.   Here’s a poem he wrote about Coronado.

Happy Birthday to L. Frank Baum

Coronado: The Queen of Fairyland

By L. Frank Baum (published in 1905)

Let Coronado wear her crown
As Empress of the Sea;
Nor need she fear her earthly peer
Will e’er discovered be.

We revel ‘neath her tropic palms
And scent her brilliant flowers,
And fondly greet the song-birds sweet
That warble in her bowers.

And every day her loveliness
Shines pure, without a flaw;
New charms entrance our every glance
And fill our souls with awe!

To South the mountains rear their crests
Enveloped in a haze
Of shifting blues and violet hues
And rare and modest greys.

To Eastward San Diego’s heights
Stretch downward to the bay
Which coyly laves her with the waves
Wherein the dolphins play.

To North bold Loma’s rugged cliff
Leaps out in majesty
To where beside the rushing tide
Her beacon light we see.

The wonders of the setting sun
Confront us in the West
To glorify both sea and sky
And fire old Ocean’s breast.

And mortals whisper, wondering:
“Indeed, ’tis Fairyland!
For where is joy without alloy-
Enchantment strange and grand.”

And tired eyes grow bright again,
And careworn faces smile;
And dreams are sweet and moments fleet,
And hearts are free from guile.

So wreathe fair Coronado’s brow
With laurels nobly won
The nation’s pride, grim Ocean’s bride,
High Priestess of the Sun!

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