February 7, 2017

URT FLURT 2017Can you feel the love? On Valentines Day weekend, URT FLURT 2017 will be celebrating their love for the ocean by putting on the 1st Annual URT FLURT. The FLURT is a tandem surfing contest that takes places on the border of Dog Beach in Coronado, CA on Sunday February 12th starting at 10AM, but this contest comes with a furry surprise.

There will be three very different divisions competing for their respective crowns: the “Human/Human” division, the “Human/Animal” division, and finally the “Animal/Animal” division which is also affectionately known as “Beast Mode.” That’s right people, this is an animal tandem surfing contest.

Partner up with your friend, your mother, your pet pig, your “other” girlfriend, your love dove, your grade school crush, your P.E. teacher, your locker buddy, your HR department rep or just go ahead and sign up both of your neighbor’s dogs, but whatever you do don’t surf solo. URT does not discriminate when it comes to tandem surfing; the ocean always sorts it out.

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